How’s and Why’s

As a young man I always heard the story of my Grandfather’s Dad…Jack “Kid” Wolfe Featherweight Champion U.S. Army. My Grandfather would say “He fought old “Bugler” Johnson, down in Chillicothe”. My Dad would say “that’s the only guy he fought…”Bugler” Johnson in war times. He actually fought 27 fights in his career, that I can confirm. My Grandfather passed away 5 years ago now, in the taking care of my Grandmother, my son found an old box in the attic. Grandma says “throw that old junk away”. I told my son to hang on, inside the box was old boxing memorabilia. Photo’s and a book I assume my Great-grandmother cut and pasted, articles from her local paper, The Daily Scioto Gazette, Chillicothe, Ohio 1923. She cut and pasted these articles and fight bills into a black construction paper binder. These stayed in amazing shape. I gathered up everything in the box, sorted and arranged, threw out binder which was all but rotted. I started to search the internet, I came across a site . This is a boxing web site devoted to current and past fights, I search my Grandfathers name.  Amazed, when his name came up I noticed his fights were limited in information. I made a connection with John at boxrec and told him what I had. He asked me to forward pictures and info to him which he offered to update on site, and forward to wikipedia. In my research I found there were fights not listed and incorrect stats. Lost pictures and fight bills, so far only I had. I found also that another Jack”Kid”Wolfe was a Jewish bantam weight boxer, with an incredible record in Cleveland, Ohio boxing at the same time, the 1920’s. I feel  Jack Wolfe, Chillicothe possibly used the same name high ranking boxing status to meet people in bars and create a buzz, possibly drinking on the house back in the day. Remember there were no cell phones or internet to check someones credibility. “Kid” Wolfe must have carried a lot of clout! On this blog I intend to present his outstanding boxing career. Facts, stats and photos to follow. Enjoy.

This is Jack”Kid”Wolfe, Chillicothe, Ohio. 1923


This is Jack”Kid”Wolfe, 9/14/1968 in Port Richey, FL


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