Wolfe vs. Drake 4/10/1923


*Note, one of my favorite quotes “Drake’s map was badly battered up, his nose was running claret in the third round.”

This was a win for Jack Wolfe vs. Boxer Drake, at The Majestic Theatre in Chillicothe, Ohio. Heavyweights Bill Reed vs. Harry Krohn were the headliners. He had an unexplained two year absence from the boxing scene. My family seems to think maybe he was in jail at that time 1/14/21 until 1/29/23… not sure.

Tentative Fight 6/27/1923, (no proof)


There  was a fight in Columbus this day, fighters Wolfe vs. Salvador and Malone vs. Walker were not listed. I don’t know if these fights happened, only three bouts were listed on this day. Usually five to six bout happen at these events.

Listed are:

A draw between Midget Mike O’Dowd and Harry Forbes

A Win with Charlie Wolff over Gill Eichoff


A win with Jackie Melman over Sammy Drake